Seeker - Jazz Project
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Spottiswoode & His Enemies
Spottiswoode & His Enemies "Salvation" 
Spottiswoode & His Enemies "That's What I Like"  
Spottiswoode & His Enemies "Building A Road" 
Spottiswoode & His Enemies "Spottiswoode & His Enemies" 

Various Recordings
Schapiro17 'Eponymous'

S&M (spottiswoode & mcmahon) "Untitled" 
Bronwen Exter "Elevator Ride" 
Zimmermans "The Lonliest Woman In The World" 
Kenny White "Symphony in 16 Bars"
Kenny White "Univited Guest" 
Patti Rothberg "Alternate Universe" 
Tandy "To A Friend" 
Renee Cologne "The Opposite Of" 
Rubin Nizri "Freedom To Speak" 
Andrew Vladek "untitled" 
Wendy Caplan "A Taste of Me"